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Whether for you trying local cuisine is an essential part of travel or not, you don’t want to miss Bangkok street food. At informal outdoor stalls, as well in the city’s many markets and food courts, vendors serve up delicious meals and snacks at just about any time of day. Best of all, prices are anywhere from quite reasonable to astoundingly low.

Nearby Pullman Bangkok Grande Sukhumvit, and ideally located Bangkok Hotel,  you’ll find some of the most popular cheap eats in town. Visit any of the following three sites and learn straightaway why Bangkok street food is world famous.

Morning market at Serm Mit Tower

A mere two-minute walk from our hotel. This weekday morning market at ground floor of Serm Mit Tower is a favourite with office workers and locals who stop in for a quick meal to start the day. Typical morning fare includes khao niew moo ping (grilled pork with sticky rice), savoury curries with rice and khao kai jiew (rice topped with Thai omelette). Also many Thai desserts to choose from along with seasonal fruits.

Lunch break at Sukhumvit Soi 23

Sukhumvit Soi 23’s mix of major commercial sites and diverse residential areas makes it a favourite spot for street-food vendors, who set up shop all along the soi as well into smaller intersecting lanes. Afternoons are especially busy on the pavements as well as in the area’s shophouse restaurants. At beginning of the soi near Sukhumvit Road, frequently available are snacks such as look chin ping (grilled meat balls), Thai desserts like ka nom bueng and seasonal fruits. Open-air shophouse restaurants with seating, meanwhile, serve up noodles, rice with red pork, curries and Thai-style iced coffee.

Dinner time at Pier 21 Food Court

Okay, it’s not technically street food. But dishes at this immensely popular food court atop Terminal 21 shopping mall are similar to what you’ll find at vendor stalls five storeys below – and just as inexpensive. Plus, here you’ll enjoy your meal in air-conditioned comfort. Among the huge selection of foods are chicken rice, noodles, sticky rice with spicy dip, several Thai desserts including mango with sticky rice and much more promotion to explore. Bear in mind the food court can be quite crowded at peak lunch time.

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